Our Team

The PLUS Charitable Trust, Inc. (PLCT) coordinates and carries out the benevolent undertakings on behalf of the PLUS community.   As a U.S. based 501(c)(3) charitable organization, we reorganized in 2004 to operate with the guidance and leadership of a Board of Trustees. Assisted by an Advisory Group, PLCT is staffed entirely by volunteers who donate their time, energy and personal resources ensuring that 100% of all donations flow directly into funding our many worthwhile projects.

  BJ Huang (Finance)
  YP Chan (Fund-raising)
  Gordon Cheng (Nominating)
  Cecilia Lam (Grants)

Our most profound and rewarding areas of service have been the educational, physical and emotional support of children, with a special focus on the building and maintenance of schools in rural China, ultimately enriching the lives of almost 5000 underprivileged students. Providing educational opportunities, medical aid, disaster relief, supporting families and orphans, and funding essential community development programs are among our many other areas of ongoing concern and support.

Through steadfast commitment to conception, manpower, and endowment the charitable undertakings of PLCT continue to benefit future generations of people of Chinese descent.