PLCT News – Justin Fung’s recent visit at the Paul Fung Shin-Shin Primary School

Paul-Fung2Justin Fung’s recent visit at the Paul Fung Shin-Shin Primary School

Dear PL Fraternity,

My name is Justin Fung and I am the son of Paul Fung – a PL brother from the Tampa, FL Chapter who passed away from liver cancer in 2007. This past March, I was in Seoul for business and had the opportunity to extend my trip for a 7-day journey through China. After a few days in Shanghai, I flew to Xi’an to see the old capital city and to visit my father’s school in the countryside. Below is a brief summary of my school visit and if anyone has any questions, please feel free to reach out.

It was an honor to be the first member of my family to visit my father’s school and to see the happy faces of all the children and villagers. Upon arrival, our car was met by the sound of drums and cymbals as the villagers welcomed us to the school. A village dance group, which included teachers and parents of children at the school, performed a series of dances to celebrate the moment. Afterwards, I distributed gifts to the children and teachers – these included books for the library, sports equipment for the gym, school supplies for the teachers, and backpacks for the children.

Once the ceremony ended, I sat down with the teachers and principal and shared a few stories about my father, including how he died, why the school matters to our family, and the importance of hepatitis B vaccinations so that nobody else dies from the virus. To conclude my school visit, I toured the facilities, visited 3rd students, and even taught a few lessons in 4th grade English class! I really enjoyed talking to the children and asking them about their dreams and what they want to be when they grow up … from actresses and teachers, to policemen and doctors, the children were fearless! Finally, I encouraged them to keep that courage and to study hard so that they can accomplish their dreams.

Overall, it was very special to visit my father’s school and I really appreciate the effort of everyone who made my trip possible. My family and I are also very grateful for the generous support of the PL Florida Chapter and the PL Brotherhood in making “Paul Fung Shin-Shin Primary School” a reality. It’s a special treat to see the happy faces of all the children and to experience the level of gratitude exhibited by the community. The village which the school serves is very rural and poor, yet the children were happy, the teachers were thankful, and the villagers seemed to embrace the simplicity of an agricultural lifestyle. I hope to return to the school in the near future and check in on the status of children’s dreams. Until then, please find attached a few pictures from Paul Fung Shin-Shin Primary School.

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