Since 2004, the PLUS Charitable Trust has successfully sponsored or built ten schools throughout rural China. Outside of school construction, the trust has partnered with Love Without Boundaries to support impoverished and orphaned children at the Anhui Healing Home, the Heartbridge Healing Home, and through the Love Without Boundaries foster care program. In the United States, the trust has sponsored various student educational programs, including a college mentoring program at Princeton University in 2012.

Over the past 8 years, PLCT has disbursed to sponsored programs more than USD $550,000, donated by over 100 PLUS donors. We have sponsored activities in domestic U.S., Mainland China and Taiwan.

PLCT sponsors programs aimed to improve education and public health, preserve Chinese heritage, and provide poverty and disaster relief. As a thin organization, we have had many projects implemented through other organizations with appropriate infrastructure such as Shin Shin Educational Foundation for school facilities, Grace Charity Foundation for student scholarship in poverty area, Love Without Boundaries Foundation for children medical assistance, and Zhu Ji Foundation for disaster relief.

PLCT sponsored the construction of 11 schools and furnished many with computer labs, multimedia equipment and libraries in rural areas of China. Currently PLCT provides 4-year financial aids to 16 students from Guizhou and Guangxi to attend universities. In the aftermath of Typhoon Morakot (2009), PLCT mounted a fundraising campaign to assist displaced students from San-min School, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. PLCT has contributed financially to a number of Chinese American social or cultural organizations which serve Chinese descents in America.