Rural China Schools

Over the past 15 years, in collaboration with Shin Shin, we have built and remodeled 11 schools located in some of the most remote areas of China. On an ongoing basis, we provide funding for an array of resources (educational and technological) to these disadvantaged schools and as result, approximately 5000 students are now reaping the benefit of education.

#1 Lin Hsin Kuei School

1. Lin Hsin Kuei School in Shaanxi, China

This was our first school project, initiated in August 2005; it now has approximately 500 students and we provide it with ongoing funding for books and computers.


#2 Tsui Yin School

2. Tsui Yin School in Shaanxi, China

Initiated in August 2005, it has almost 500 students and we are continuing its support by funding building maintenance and the construction of a school yard and sports fields.



3. Ren Ai School in Shanxi, China

Initiated in January 2006, and we continued follow-up services by furnishing books, desks, chairs, and beds.



4. Tony Lin School in Shaanxi, China

Started in February 2007, funded and managed by our late Br. Tony Lin and his family and we have continued supporting it with books and computers.


Paul Fung School

5. Paul Fung School in Shaanxi, China

Initiated Feb 2008. In 2010 PL Florida donated funds to establish a new library and since then we continue their support by providing funding for desks and chairs and a Multi Media Unit.


Lu Nan Shan School

6. Lu Nan Shan School in Shaanxi, China

Project began in Feb 2008. LuNanShan’s descendants donated 20 PC’s and PLCT support continues with the more recent addition of a Multi-Media Teaching Unit.


Rui Qing School

7. Rui Qing School in Anhui, China

Begun in February 2008. It was fully funded by the Phil Fan family but after experiencing various delays it was completed in Sept 2010 and is currently educating over 250 students.


Paul & Phyllis Chu School

8. Paul & Phyllis Chu School in Shaanxi, China

Initiated in Dec 2008; funded through the Paul and Phyllis Chu Foundation, we are continuing its support by providing funds for a Multi Media Unit, desks and a library; this school is currently educating 750 students.


Tronex School

9. Tronex School in Shaanxi, China

Begun in Dec 2009 and was funded by Br. Donald Chu’s TRONEX Company. Completed one year later, it now has almost 1300 students in attendance



10. FONG SO HAI School in Shaanxi, China

Donated by Sister Lillian Ho in July 2011 and completed within one year. Sister Lillian continues to provide major funding to help provide for its students and educators many pressing needs.


11. Lee Gou-I School in Anhui, China

Donated by the Phil Fan Family in December 2012. Within one year the school was completed and now provides education to approximately 300 students.