Shangxinzhuan Village Road

WaterProjectSiteShangxinzhuang is a remote village in China, located approximately 75 miles northwest of Xian, in Bin Xian, Shaanxi Province. Served only by a 3.8 kilometer bumpy dirt road, on rainy days travel was often treacherous, if not impossible.

Wanting to solve this road problem which had constrained the development of their local economy and their living conditions, the villagers and their township government raised a significant portion of the funds needed for reconstruction and paving of this road. But, still falling short of accruing all of the needed funds, PLCT was contacted by the Bin Xian County Government for financial assistance so that this project could become reality.

By drawing up a clearly defined contract between the parties and in cooperation with the Shaanxi Provincial Government, PLCT agreed to contribute the outstanding funds required for accomplishing this undertaking.

Road construction began almost immediately and was completed within 3 months, bringing significant improvements to the quality of life of this very deserving community.