Typhoon Morakot Relief

2009 oct 027 2009 oct 030 2009 oct 025 Award from BLIA








In 2009 the Morakot typhoon, one of the worst typhoons to strike the area in 50 years, struck southern Taiwan. It caused damage amounting to several billion Taiwanese dollars to its agriculture, infrastructures, and buildings. San Ming Junior High School, located in the mountainous region of Kaohsiung, was totally destroyed by Morakot mudslides along with most of Na-Ma-Shia Village where the school is located. But, within a few weeks its students were moved into a shared facility with another junior high school. This Typhoon Morakot Disaster Relief Fund, through Buddha’s Light Temple, assisted these 120 displaced San Ming students and their teachers by providing them with adjunct learning facilities and urgently needed living accommodations.

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